Bringing to patients life-saving, best-in-class therapies against bacterial infections.

Who is Juvabis?

Juvabis is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland.

Our best-in-class therapeutic drugs are designed to combat bacterial infections safely and efficiently.

We aspire to enable the wonderful advances of modern medicine, supporting the medical community in treating patients worldwide.

Best-in-class Antibiotics 

Juvabis’ “best-in-class” anti-infective drug EBL1003 is currently in clinical trials phase 1. EBL-1003 is designed as an antibiotic-combination therapy for the treatment of critically-ill patients in hospital settings and can be used for common bacterial infections as well as antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”. 

The drug’s unique design circumvents almost all resistance-mechanisms faced by other competing drugs of its class. EBL-1003 has demonstrated superior efficacy against highly drug-resistant strains categorized as priority pathogens by the Word Health Organization (WHO) and is the most advanced asset within the ENABLE pipeline of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI-ENABLE).

Juvabis also has a pipeline of innovative anti-infective products in pre-clinical development.


We are fearless

In 2015 Juvabis was officially founded as a spin-off from the ETH and the University of Zürich.  Within only 5 years we have advanced our leading anti-infective drug to Phase 1 clinical trials.